We have helped multiple clients build or extend their property portfoliios. From first time investors, looking for one property to rent out to gain an income to experienced and seasoned investors looking to build, review or diverisfy their portoflio to get the best returns. Over the past years we have also worked with Fund Managers and companies in creating and building significant portfolios for their investment clients.


No obligation meeting or communication to understand what you are looking for

A dedicated and experienced Buying Agent is paired with you, based on your search requirements

A secure and personalised online account is created for you to keep you fully updated on progress

Searches set up based on requirements of yields or capital returns

Accompanied client tours of properties or detailed video or photo reports

Detailed reports on shortlisted properties including expected rent and yields.

Negotiation undertaken on your behalf with the Estate Agents

After securing the property, we will fully manage the purchase with all other parties, such as solicitors and agents​ every step until the completion of the purchase

We can set up rental agents, manage the process of finding and handling new tenants and all aspects of having the property ready to earn you an income

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Listed below are the fees for a single property search. For clients wishing to purchase multiple properties we will discuss a suitable bespoke package for you to suit all parties.


We charge a 1% fee based on the final purchase price of the property you buy. Payment is not due until contracts have been exchanged

While 90% of our searches are concluded within 3 months. We agree to give all clients at least 6 months of our service. This covers all of our time spent hunting for your property. Accompanying you on viewings and all other costs we incur to find you the right property. 

This is covered by a retainer fee paid on the commencement of your search of £795.

The retainer fee is fully refunded from the final fee when you exchange on a property. So the maximum you will ever pay us is 1% of your purchase price.

If for whatever reason you do not go ahead with a purchase, the retainer fee will cover all of your liability with us.Clients are also able to pause and restart the search if they wish.