Every client has different requirements. Some clients just need or want the reassurance of our experience before making an offer for a property, or simply aren't able to view a property due to work commitments or if moving from abroad. Some clients also are happy to view themseleves but benefit from some pointers of locations and a bit more of an inside knowledge of where to look. 


These services are desgined to help clients who either aren't sure they need the full service we offer or who would just like a little extra support in their property search.

We can visit and inspect an individual property for a client, either because they can't make it or prior to the client deciding to proceed with a formal offer. 

On all inspections we compile a detailed report, with video and or photographs to go alongside our opinions and direct answers to questions the client has on the property.

All reports are sent to the client the same day as the inspection, with an initial call or e-mail to the client immediately after the inspection.

With notice we can attend with a surveyor or contractor to look at costs or issues with a property.

Other clients, either at the very start of considering moving to the Cotswolds or those struggling to find the right places for them can benefit from our bespoke local area tours. 

The tours can focus on specific client criteria or be a general and comprehensive tour of the Cotswolds covering the diverse locations and hidden gems. They can include school visits and any other requirements clients have.

Our aim is to give any client a much clearer view of which areas and what types of property will suit them best. 

Clients regularly are amazed how much just a half day or a day's worth of assistance can do for their search.


This really is a very cost effective way to gain huge insight into our local and property knowledge.

Image by Ivy Barn


One off inspections with report £300

One off inspection accompanying a client £250​

Half day property tour £250

Full day location tour   £400

All fees above are fully refundable if the client decides to engage more of our services