We offer a wide range of additional services.  One of our most popular options for clients is our negotiation only service. If you have already found the property you want or you are happy to find it yourself but want the benefit of our knowledge and professional experience to get the best price and terms. We can do this for you at a reduced fee from our full service.


We are able to connect you with vetted, trusted and professional contractors that in most cases we have years of experience working with. These range from solicitors to gardeners, from surveyors to cleaners. 


A free no obligation meeting or conversation to see if we can help or add value.


After instruction we will conduct an inspection of the property in question if time allows.


At the very least, detailed online inspections using tools not available to the general public will highlight information and history not commonly known to aid negotiation

We will provide you with our buying opinion and price range to aim for.

If agreed we will undertake handover to your buying agent who will then liaise with the agent and put you in a great buying position in the eyes of the owner and their agent​

After securing the property, we will fully manage the purchase with all other parties, such as solicitors and agents​ every step until the completion of the purchase and collecting your keys

We can also offer advice and support following completion, such as contractors or schooling

Typical house with front garden in the C


We never charge for any recommendations to our circle of trusted contractors and professionals. As a group we do not take any kickbacks for client referrals. We simply promote each other because we trust each professional to do a great job for mutual clients and we know we can rely on the other to ensure a great experience for our clients.

Negotiation Only Service

We charge a 0.5% fee based on your property price, if the purchase is successful.

We charge a fee of £250 on engagement for our service, experience and time. This figure is fully refundable from the final fee if the transaction is successful.

If the sale does not proceed, the retainer fee will cover all liability to us. In the majority of cases where a sale does not proceed, we will be on hand for clients at no further cost for another property if they continue to search.