Around three quarters of our clients have not used a Property Buying Agent before. Maybe you are new to Buying Agents or just not sure why to use our service?


We have listed below, the most common questions we are asked. If you don't see the answers you are looking for, please contact us by telephone, e-mail, instant chat or via our social media outlets.​​

Who are your typical clients?

​We actually have a very wide range of clients and importantly budgets including first time buyers either working very long hours or looking for a confident partner to make their first purchase with, seasoned property investors who appreciate the detailed information we can provide to make a solid investment and international clients who want feet on the ground and the ability to provide off-market options.


Don't you only find luxury and expensive houses? 

Budgets vary from £250,000 into the millions. 

Why use an independent buying agent?


Initial property hunting can be fun! This however can quickly wear thin once you have spent hours searching websites,  waiting for estate agents and sacrificing the rest of your social life in the pursuit of a property,  If you employ our services we will do all the running about so you only see the best prospects! In addition local knowledge and contacts pay off time and again, highlighting the pros and cons of each area.

Where do your properties come from?


Our search includes internet portals, developers, auction houses, local and national press, national and independent estate agents and any properties being sold privately in a discreet manner.

Can you recommend solicitors, surveyors and other contractors?

Yes, once the sale has been agreed we will put you in touch with solicitors, mortgage and insurance advisors, architects, planning consultants, interior and garden designers, builders and removal companies. Anything to make your move less stressful.

So are you in competition with estate agents?

No, however we are considered to be an essential part of their business. A common misconception is that we are in competition with estate agents, but there is a clear divide; estate agents represent vendors and we represent purchasers. Estate agents value the efficiency we bring to the process, and appreciate that our clients are highly committed. In simple terms, a client with representation is taken more seriously.

What is purchasing 'off market'?

It is when a property is purchased before it reaches the open market and is not advertised by an estate agent on their website etc. We have access to these properties as prospective sellers who want a quiet sale may approach us directly or an estate agent will contact us first as they know that we represent the serious buyer.

Is your service just a luxury that adds expense to moving?

While our service is a luxury that a small percentage of buyers can take advantage of, we strongly believe that through our knowledge, hard work and skill, we can save you both time and money. This is something we are happy to explain further in a free no obligation meeting.